Costa Rica Raw & Vegan Living Retreat  


Costa Rica
Raw & Vegan Living Retreat

      April 12 ~ April 19, 2014

Our Raw Living Retreat is dedicated to you...
"Body, Mind and Spirit"

Join us for a unique week of total body wellness designed
to take you to a higher awareness of what healthy living really means. 
Experience a new and innovative approach to a living
health retreat - Emphasis is placed on feeding the mind, understanding
emotions, nurturing the soul and supporting the body.
Revel in a harmonious balance of relaxation and opportunities to grow in
ways you never thought possible!  A chance to escape from the world;
to rest and rejuvenate - to honor your body and pamper your soul!

Set in the beauty and tranquility of the lush Costa Rican rain forest,
you will
become mindfully aware of nature and all its energies
surrounding you as you embark on adventures that will open your heart
and ignite a spark of aliveness from within.

Days are filled with morning sungazing, meditation and yoga to center your
mind, swimming and hiking surrounded by stunning views to nourish
your spirit, along with massage, reflexology and dance that will leave
feeling both energized and peaceful.
Inspiring workshops, coaching and demonstrations empower you with
the tools needed to live your most vibrant, abundant life!
Organic, vegan gourmet living food cuisine and fresh juices and smoothies
daily will
provide you with the highest form of nutrition, increased
energy and
a total feeling of wellness!

Take some well-deserved time to experience the divine combination
of pampering, detoxification, education, rest and inspiration that
be in found in this life-changing week.

We invite you to come share in this journey with us...
We invite you to find your JOY, experience your BLISS!

 ~ Body ~
*Relax in the serene beauty of Costa Rica,
soaking in energies from all of the natural elements
*Nourish your body with local raw living foods prepared especially for you
*Strengthen to your core with daily yoga, hiking, swimming and more
*Rejuvenate with therapeutic massage, reflexology and
healing energy work

~ Mind ~
*Learn how to connect with and nourish yourself
*Become more aware, noticing life and energy surrounding you
*Empower yourself through personal coaching that will help
you gain a clearer awareness of your visions
*Discover basic tools and principles that will help you to 
connect, focus and move in the direction of your dreams

~ Spirit ~
*Ground yourself through daily meditation and relaxation practices
*Feed your soul with unlimited and unforgettable diverse experiences
*Inspire your simple feelings of well-being and bliss
*Make friendships and memories that will forever remain close to your heart

~ Our Retreat Includes ~
8 Day - 7 Night stay at our private Eco Lodge in La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Airport transfer to and from San Jose International Airport
One massage/reflexology session 
Day pass to Tabacon Hot Springs
Lake Arenal Pontoon explorations 
Morning green/fruit juices and smoothies
Gourmet raw living high energy cuisine
Morning yoga and sungazing 
Educational classes
Personal one on one and group coaching sessions 
Local farmers and artesian markets
Daytime activities:
Relaxation, Swimming, Hiking, Dancing
Enchanting evenings:
Connecting, Reflection, Reading, Journaling
Starlit celestial meditation

And many more wonderfully fun surprises...

~ Accommodations ~
Princesa De La Luna ~ La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Experience everything one imagines a stay in Costa Rican paradise to be!
Our "Eco Lodge" is perched on the edge of the valley providing incredible
 views of the birds and animals spread out into the jungle below while the
volcano in all its breathtaking beauty looms to the far side of the valley. 
Here you will find the lines between indoor and outdoor living blurred.
Rooms connected via open balconies and walkways lined with tropical
gardens instead of walls provide the perfect balance and
 impression of living right in nature itself!
 Everything here is real and natural from the spring fed pools and the rustic
views to the sustainable gardens and the virgin forest trails leading to a unique "living weeping wall" made of black earth and blooming orchids.

It will only take a few moments for you to realize this is truly paradise!

Our Private "Eco Lodge" is over 15,000 sq. ft. of indoor/outdoor living space
offering gorgeous views of the surrounding valleys
, mountains and jungle below
Two chemical free spring fed swimming pools and hot tub
Covered "Ranchero" for yoga, meditation, dance and classes
Organic fruit trees and vegetable plants
6 shared bedrooms each w/private bath
Verandas, balconies, and intimate private areas to relax

High speed internet
Private property with on site staff and security

"Eco Lodge" in La Fortuna Costa Rica

Open air kitchen connected to the gardens  

Guest bedrooms

A place to relax with the Luna (The lodge dog) 

Natural spring fed pool, 1 of 2 at the lodge 

Walking trails throughout the property 

View of the volcano from a lodge balcony

~ Enchanting Adventures ~
Tabacon Hot Springs
Lake Arenal pontoon boat ride, exploration and swimming
Maleku Indian Village cultural experience
Butterfly Conservatory and Wildlife Rescue Center
Miles of maintained natural walking trails
Waterfall and "Live Weeping Wall" hike
Bird and Nature watching
Organic local farmers market
Local artesian market, restaurants and shopping

**Please note that some activities are at an additional cost to be covered by the guest.

Organic Farmers Market

Tabacon Hot springs, a truly magical place

Tabacon Hot springs

Maleku Indian Village

~ Our Menu ~ 
Costa Rica is diverse in it's offerings of tropical fruits and vegetables.
We will have the opportunity to sample and enjoy many new tastes
and flavors that are as unique as the area they are from!

Each day our menu will feature:
*Daily Fresh, seasonal green and fruit juices and smoothies
*Raw and Vegan meals made fresh from locally grown organic sources
*Unlimited fresh fruit choices
*Fruit waters and herbal teas

Banana, dragon fruit and noni smoothie

Fresh local tropical fruits

Cucumber mango dinner salad


~ Investment in Yourself ~

All bedrooms are spacious and comfortable and each features a private bath
Each room is shared between 3 to 5 people

Private Single Bed in Shared Room  ~  $1,250.00 
   Shared Queen/King Bed  ~  $1,000.00  

Space is limited so book early!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ Items Excluded ~ 

* Prices exclude airfare
(We can assist in booking the correct arrival/departure flights)

* Optional day excursions
 *Tips and gratuities
* Travel insurance (optional)
*Departure Fee to leave Costa Rica ($35)
* Meals purchased outside of retreat

*Souvenirs and gift items

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ Other Details ~

*Please specify when booking which sleeping arrangement you are requesting
*A deposit totaling 50% is required to confirm your reservation with us
  *Final payment of balance owing must be paid 14
days prior to departure
* Need help with your flight, let us know and we can make arrangements for you
*Not able to join us on this retreat?  Join our mailing list at the bottom of the page for updates when we plan fun, exciting new adventures

  ~ Cancellations ~ 
 Refer to the Terms and Conditions on your Registration Form
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ Joining Us ~
To contact us for more information about our retreat  
To reserve your place with us in Costa Rica please email or call us:
Jenna Tasker ~  269.598.5300



~ Your Retreat Goddesses ~

It is our hope to provide you with a whole health retreat combining all aspects of detoxification, nourishment, rest, education, pampering and inspiration.  
Our guests will be limited to a small group which will allow us to provide you
with an unsurpassed level of attention to detail.  Our retreat experience and
staff will exceed all expectations you may have about a raw foods healing retreat.  
You deserve to take some time out,
to focus on you, to enjoy a week of true rest and inspiration.  
We look forward to seeing you there…

  Jenna Tasker, The Rainbow Goddess
Retreat Visionary and Hostess

Jenna has been eagerly exploring the raw foods path since 2008.
Experimenting within all avenues of the living raw food community until finally resonating with the 80/10/10 Lifestyle!  Over the past 6 years Jenna has continued her education and has been honored to work and learn from some of the world's leading Raw Food Pioneers
Jenna's transformational growth continues to evolve as she is currently enrolled and training in an intensive Life Mastery program with Mary Morrissey where she is learning the art and
science of achieving ones dreams.  In the short time she has been involved with this
training it has helped her to recognize that her true talents and her greatest joy lie in
supporting others along their journey as they explore, learn and transition into
living the life that they love, the life of their dreams. 

Jenna has hosted, co-hosted and organized the creation of several
raw food retreats, festivals and workshops.  Her vast experience and knowledge
of healthy plant
based raw living as well as self transformation has influenced the
creation of a business she truly loves!
Transformation Retreats, Events and Workshops!
Hosting, planning, and organization for any event!

Jenna's true passion lies in sharing with and inspiring others along there transformational journey by offering retreats, classes, programs, and coaching to help along the way.  She is
continually looking for ways to bring the leaders of our community together in a place
where each of us can learn and
grow from their knowledge and experiences!
Jenna believes she is truly blessed to be a part of the awareness and awakening that is sweeping the planet and is delighted to do her part to share in this journey with you...
"Body, Mind, and Spirit"

Michelle Cerise 
Living Food Chef 

A native of Colorado, Michelle Cerise loves food, travel, adventure, yoga and the outdoors.
It is Michelle's passion of raw food that inspires her to share it in as many ways possible. 
First introduced to living food while managing a bed and breakfast, and already a vegetarian,
it was obvious that raw living was the way.  She not only found more vitality then ever
before, she found it fueled every area of her

Through her personal chef services, retreats, consultations and classes, her true love is empowering others to live a mindful life.  A graduate of Living Light Culinary Institute
and Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, her 10 years of experience has
taken her on world-wide retreats where she encourages celebrating life through health and vitality! 
Expect beautiful cuisine, prepared in ways you never thought possible!
“I am here to learn and yet inspire others- and have an immense dedication to encouraging others to use their confidence to encounter the world!
A celebration of life and our experiences through travel allows us to grow, change,
learn and explore! 
We are all strengthened through our journeys in life.
We should stimulate our intellect, expand our cultural horizons, challenge ourselves physically, and are reminded just how brave we actually are!” 
For more information Join Michelle at:


Jenee Hallick 
Meditation, Dance and Yoga Guide
Hi there!  I am Jenee the Fruity Gypsy because I love living on fruit while I explore the world!  I am passionate about empowering others to regain there natural beauty and radiant health.
My health journey started at the young age of 11 years when I became vegetarian.  
I grew up on a farm in South Africa and watching an animal getting killed and then
to be expected to eat it felt intuitively wrong.  
In the quest to find the truth and find answers to my health problems, I spent the next
20 years researching health, nutrition and different forms of alternative healing.  
I did courses in ayurveda, naturopathy, fasting, raw foods, and reiki along with my own personal health journey using my body as a science lab for experiments.  
Through a complete change of diet and lifestyle and a committed practice of Vipassana mediation I have freed myself from over 25 yrs. of health problems, serious eating
disorders, drug addictions, and manic depression.
By changing to a raw vegan diet I gave my body a chance to heal itself from
Type 2 Diabetes, systemic candida, chronic fatigue, serious digestive issues, 
insomnia, acne, eczema and other skin issues.  
I know how important it is to have loving and encouraging support to get you
through the challenges and transitions.  My passion is to empower others to let
their true light shine and reach their full potential. I have chosen to dedicate my
life to help others overcome their struggles, regain their sexy bodies and radiate
with a beauty and happiness they only dreamt would be possible.

Now is the time to take your health into your hands and get the life of your dreams.
For more information visit Jenee's website:

Kirsten Blok 
Reflexology and Massage Healer 

Kirsten is a compassionate, holistic practitioner who incorporates many
modalities in her treatments for a customized session.  
In 1994, her career started and in those years, she found that no one modality of healing is inclusive and it is always good to have many styles available for each unique person and situation. In her toolbox she offers myomassology, massage, reflexology of hand, foot, ear and body, aromatherapy, Spiritual Response Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Applied Kinesiology, Shiatsu, sport massage, craniosacral therapy, body mechanics, myofascial release and chakra balancing just to name a few.

Kirsten also runs a registered holistic school that specializes in helping to educate the practitioner and the general public with holistic classes that awaken the mind body and spirit.  It is her passion to empower with workshops of: self-help reflexology, healing awareness techniques using the breath, spirit journey meditations, body awareness through dowsing, healing touch therapies for self-healing and many other classes.
For more information visit Kirstens's website:




~ Namaste ~

~ Joining Us ~ 
To contact us for more information about our retreat
To reserve your place with us in Costa Rica please email or call us:
Jenna Tasker  ~  269.598.5300

Live in the Sunshine, Swim in the Sea, Drink in theWild Air  
                                                                             ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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